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  3. Beats a 1700 when I'm only 1200 crazyhouse

Well; he had a few opportunities to change things; but you played quite well.
1-1-0 is pretty darn epic for ZH, let alone 1:0 bullet ZH.
Also; the 1:0 bullet ZH is a recipe for disaster for those (like myself) who aren't good at bullet.

I'm sure going into it he saw your rating and thought; hey, this is gonna be Easy. I can just click wherever and as long as I'm fast enough he doesn't stand a chance.
Lol, I've lost (and won) several games due to this attitude.

Good game well played

Side note; its a little troublesome that I look at your worst rated losses; like the ones in classical for example; and I see that everyone of them were resigned in scenarios where you had the lead. :l=
Hopefully thats a coincidence.

@breakreign I was resigning a lot of games and when I didn't my rating literally instantly gained 100 points into 1300ish and within a month I'm in the early 1400's

I'm an agressive player as white.
I will play the FLA. And just spring out traps. (Which have got a high success rate).