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Can you beat the machine with a material handicap?

For the last half an hour I've been meant to sharpen my tactics, so I played with a handicap. As a challenge, try doing it too. :P


- Claim victory over a level 2+ instance of the machine (Not level one). Any level over that is probably too hard.
- Start with a piece handicap by "from position" editor. Remove any one of your queenside pieces (A to D).
- Playing as white is advised, but not necessary.

For the meantime this was my successful attempt:

Since I can't make trophies for the challenge, if you would like a mark on your profile as a reward, here's a team that I'll approve entry for linking games fulfilling the above criteria either in this thread or the joining request message: :)

level 3 is much harder yeah.

isn't 1+0 the condition for the challenge? :)

Was'nt in the rules, my bad :) il try again.. ha

wow i tried 1+0 but it's too hard for me :(

Level 3 doesn't seem very tough but it is very fast.
Had to lose a few on time before winning this one.

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