Be a master for just one day

There are days that I haven't played chess. Maybe one of those days I was a master. I guess I must have been doing my normal daily routines. The day I wake-up knowing I'm a chess master, I'm probably not going to change a thing. I might say thank you to Lichess for the dashboard. I'm convinced this is where I will learn what I need to learn next.

Becoming a master is a title, so it's a promotion. What would you do if you got promoted to the master level? Is becoming a chess master a career goal?

I'd register an NM account but not use it and then post under another random silly account and be like "Hey guys! I'm like actually a half-decent player in real life!" and everyone one would be like "NO WAY!!! I don't believe you. Get teh letters and PROVE IT." And I'd be like "Nah, I don't feel like it." and it would be AWESOME. Then I would lose a bunch of games to internationally titled players LIKE A BOSS and then sleep like a baby.


i would learn what i do and be good for more than a day??

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That would be great to do it for a day:) (Even though I would rather be one forever.)