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Sometimes people want to sit down, really concentrate, and do the best they can.

Sometimes they just want to throw pieces around and not worry about it - have a glass of wine while they play, have a TV show on in the background, whatever.

So having casual as an option makes sense.

What's the problem with having casual games again? Because someone thinks that ppl who play casually are inferior somehow? Why is this even a question... surely having the option is better than not having the option. And yes, casual is drunk-mode. :)

There is less pressure on me to play sound moves in casual. I find it makes the game more fun when i can play really aggressively without having to worry about losing. (not that I don't deliberately play risky moves in rated though)

This is the one of the most ridicilous threads I've read.

Rated VS Casual:

In rated games you play serious.
In casual games you play relaxed and you don't care much.

Lichess gave you that option and it's up to you if you'll use it or not.
If you're playing only rated to prove that you have true skill that's absurde.

I've beat many players similar rated as I with 10k of rated games and also lost against opponents that have a lot less rated game then I do.

Never bother with this kind of things.

People's penchant for misunderstanding is fascinating. I never said nor implied that I play rated just to prove how skilled I am. The rating system is an automatic feedback informing you whether you are progressing and telling you the same of an opponent. That is a very useful tool. Granted that some people are drunk, or want to make stupid moves "for fun", if that is their idea of fun. Indeed, a few clowns in this thread show that they have their own unique conception of "funny", so presumably also of "fun". But the casual option is typically used by people who won't play a lower rated person because they don't want to risk their precious rating and won't gain enough if they win. That distorts the rating system.

No arbiter present, no valid rating possible. You‘ll never know your opponent.

In fact, I don’t remind facing a cheater in an unrated game ever.

I play in casual games to warm up and without worrying that I'll lose rating. Let that rust get off of me by playing casual and then rock in rated games! :)

If you don't like unrated games, don't play unrated games.

I don't understand the arguments about inflated rating. An unrated game has as much influence on rating as not playing a game. Do you plan to call for banning not playing as well -- that is, every one should mandatory play every day?

Writing also requires thinking like chess.

Lichess already gave you option for selecting desired opponents. There is an adjustable scale in custom search bar called "Start new game".

Rated: When you care.
Casual: When you less or not care.

And that's the reason why Casual feature will never be removed.
Every popular online chess playground have it and they'll keep having it.


@nayf Why are you being toxic? Can you just not?

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