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As you probably know, Lichrss is good at catching cheaters, even the sophisticated ones who start cheating later in the game. Just look at the analysis, and if they start playing with zero inaccuracies mistakes and blunders, with only a few seconds between moves, you can just report them and they'll be immediately banned.

The lobby these days is full of sissies afraid to play rated games. Let them have their own lobby, or better still their own website out in sissyland.

Some just want to play chess.


Some people don't like play rated games because they want to play their friends or their coach without being worried that a loss to them will result in lost rating.

There are filters chill

The reason to play casual is to get a chance to play stronger players.


I like all things casual.

Chess is for pussies! If you're going to play a game, at least have the balls to play Russian Roulette! And if you're going to play Russian Roulette, at least have the balls to load more than one chamber! And I don't just mean two chambers. Have some BALLS! Load three or four chambers!

Or maybe you just want to play chess and try out a new opening or some other new stuff without risking your rating. Or maybe you're getting tired but still want to play some more.

But who cares? I'm playing Russian Roulette with five chambers loaded, and I MAY EVEN MOVE UP TO SIX!!

Have some balls.

If it's meaningless to worry about a lichess rating, why are you worried about the outliers?

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