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  3. Avoid the Marshall Attack?

I used Marshall gambit for the first time in a correspondence game and I was astonished how good it is. In the main line with Re4 and ... g5 White can be lucky to achieve a draw. In engine correspondence chess White has a miserable life.

So I understand the Anti-Marshall approach.

But agree, there are some side lines, like 11...Nf6?! (played my Marshall himself against Capablanca) 12.d4 Bd6 13.Re2 or 9...e4? 10.dxc6 exf3 11.d4!? which are all refuted but white needs to know some moves.
You do need need to know. Capablanca did not know, but refuted it over the board.

Speaking frankly, I wouldn't dare to allow is as White. A high risk, low reward story.

This is my corr. game, the position is -8 at higher searching depth for 10-15 moves, it is plain lost for White.

PS: game is not terminated, it is ongoing.

Fischer allowed it

Kasparov always avoided it ^^

h3 then c3 !

if black plays regular spanish opening with d6 before castling c3 then often h3 later on

@Slugy too late already said that heh

Side note: the game given in #13 is terminated after approx. half a year. White resigned after ... e4-e3. I will make a video as well, alas in German.

The final position of #13 is like Nimzovich games: white runs out of moves.

Here is an example of Caruana allowing it: grab the pawn, defend, win.

And here is the famous Capablanca-Marshall game
"I felt honor bound to take the Pawn, as my position should then be defendable." - Capablanca

Yeah, 12.d3 might be better than 12.d4.

(actually Fabi returned the pawn soon...)