Average Lichess Tactics Rating

I am around 1800-1900 on lichess tactics. want to know how bad is it and also what is an average rating. i am aiming for 2000. is 2000 good?

I'm around 1850 these days. You can see my other ratings and compare. As "the_loving_boy" mentioned it's relative of course. Plus I think lichess doesn't cut down points for solving times so it also matter if you spend 10-20 mins for a puzzle or if you solve around 30secs, I don't know. But it's always better to aim for better of course :)

I spend about 1-5 minute per puzzle
mostly 2-3 minutes

Spider_hip your rapid rating is solid man

I think the puzzles are useful, but it's possible to have around a 2000 tactics rating and still be quite bad a chess.


I read your article and it's nice to hear that tactics are very important, but as you can see my tactics score is 1900, but i am about 1700 in bullet

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