Attacking Opening Against e4

What is a good attacking opening against e4 (except for black lion)?

You cannot attack on move 1. The most logical reply is probably 1...e5, but many other moves are possible as well and may lead to an attack if white makes some mistake.

The question of "good attacking opening" is somewhat nebulous, since "attacking" can mean a number of different things to different people. Are you looking for imbalanced pawn structure and long term chipping away at your opponent on the flanks, a solid position to choke your opponent off slowly, an open game with lots of quick attacks that resolves quickly, a positional minefield with lots of potential tactics and threats, a cheap gambit line where you get a powerful initiative if your opponent misplays it but fail spectacularly if they play accurately, etc.?

I always encourage players to think about pawn structure when thinking about openings. What kind of center do you want - open, fixed, closed, mobile, dynamic? Each of those play differently and they can all be "attacking", depending on your definition and how you play them. Thinking in those terms will help guide your decision and your play.

Surely @Mezmer is right. Black can get sharp attacks even in the French or Caro-Kann opening (while some say: Only if White tries to win ...). But in the sense intended by OP: Try those openings that have the word "attack" in the names? E. g. Traxler counterattack ...

1...e5 and the Open Ruy Lopez or the Schliemann.

If you really, really want to attack with black against e4, try the Latvian.