As a very weak player, is it rude to play against people?

@kolubat Even the greatest masters in history started as a weak player. Don't feel bad playing stronger players, relish it. You'll learn faster against seasoned opponents.

Thank you all for your responses! I had a lot of fun playing bullet chess games last night, so I guess I'll keep on with it. :) To those who offered to play games with me, I'm not really sure how to coordinate that, I've just been clicking the "Quick pairing" button or occasionally playing people I know who were already on the phone with me... anyway, I look forward to encountering you!

@kolubat You could challenge the players to a game (or vice versa) by navigating to their profile and clicking "Challenge" (the symbol with two dueling épées). Then, when the other player responded, that would initiate a game.

Nel_S: I'm not online all the time, so worry I'd be gone by the time someone accepted a challenge. I guess that could work with unlimited-time games though. Thank you! :)

"As a very weak player, is it rude to play against people?"
No not at all, we all strarted as very weak players and we got stronger by playing against people.
However, I wonder why as a self proclaimed very weak player you play bullet.
You do not get any better by playing bullet chess.
You get better by playing longer time control games (classical/rapid) and then analysing your losses so as to learn from your mistakes.

This is something I was wondering myself. I just posted a correspondence request, which I'm happy to play any rating to try and learn from. However, I didn't want to set it to the maximum, attract a >2000 player for them only to be frustrated when I blunder my queen on move 10 :)

Everyone has to start off as a weak player, and there is absolutely nothing shameful about it. Improvement in fact comes from playing stronger players.

If bullet is fun and is your goal, then great! But otherwise, playing some longer games will help build you some intuition as to where pieces should go, and that will eventually improve your bullet skill too.

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