As a very weak player, is it rude to play against people?


I'm a very weak chess player, but I think it would be fun to play against humans online in bullet chess and stuff (probably would lose all the time, but still). Is that rude? I don't want to waste people's time or be annoying by being a boring opponent. (Sorry to bother you if I'm just being overly anxious.)

Thank you!

—kolubat (Elli)

No, it's fine. This is why you can set the rating range when you choose a match. If they don't want to play against someone as low-rated as you, they should change their settings.

I also feel the same way, thats why i have decided to start playing stockfish it wont judge me, what i do i just take a random gm game from internet and then i skip to the middle game and i challenge stockfish till the end, then i will check how the gms play and i compare with my style lol

if u want we could play together i'm a really weak player too after all it's a game so let's having fun :)

Hey, I would be open to playing some games!. We can talk and have some fun.

I'm kind of a weak player too, that why I switched to practice a don't play a lot of real games.

There is absolutely NOTHING shameful or rude about being a the weaker player, when playing against someone else. Don't let something like that let you down. You can become better

When you want to dance the pieces, do you wait for someone to ask you or do you get the courage to ask them?

Push the pieces in the right direction and someone will challenge you.

Place them where they don't belong and you'll get guided to where you can go.

Once you learned how to two-step the pieces, the rest comes naturally.

For newbies: the two-step method covers castling, knight moves, an initial pawn hop and the en-passant rule.

Once you know how to two-step, others will want to danse the pieces with you.

There is no path to becoming a stronger player that does not include first losing a lot of games as a weaker player. I spent my first week on lichess completely bottomed out at an 800 rating for blitz and still losing more often than not. I played, I practiced, I got better, and no one seems to have been upset about an easy win in the meantime.