Are you the best chess player you know in reallife?

My grandpa who died a couple of years ago used to beat me every time. But since he passed away I only ran into 2 guys who managed to have more wins against me than I have against them. I played them probably 2-3 years ago and never saw them again. So for the last 2-3 years I have been unbeaten in reallife. What about you?

No one wants to play me, im like a dalit. They rather throw me in front of a bus and drive me bancrupt than playing chess with me. Im persona non grata for everyone. The world hates me.

@purtzian heavens no. I know a lot of better players, at my club, at tournaments, old friends.
@subomega -dear dalit: why is that? karma from a past life?

Yes. I am also the most handsome, sophisticated person I know, as well as the best rocket surgeon.

@AcademicNinja99 I know all kinds of people.

I was also voted "most likely to accurately answer a lichess forum post" by my graduating class.

I met Magnus Carlsen, Fabiano Caruana, Svidler, Eric Hansen, etc....... at the Sinquefield cup in 2017. So I guess not :(

I also took in-person lessons from good players there too if meeting them doesn't count.

Excluding people I've only meet for a couple of months, years ago, yes. Although this is based upon rating, in actual play, we're more equal.

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