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Hello everyone, I'm a new user on Lichess. I have noticed that blitz and bullet are the dominating game modes on this site. I understand they are fun but I believe playing too much of those isn't the ideal way to improve. From what I'm aware, there is a slow chess league on which regularly organises tournaments at time controls of 45|45 and 90|30. Is there such kind of tournaments or friendly games organised here? I have taken a look at the slow chess groups on Lichess but most seems pretty dead...

I'm personally working on slow chess now to improve my game and if anyone is interested, we can work out some games. Post-analysis is greatly appreciated and if there are enough interested parties, perhaps we could start a new community of slow chess appreciators. Cheers!

SackMyQueen There are also 20+10 tournaments on Lichess

I know that there are a couple 'go-to' long-clock tournaments out there.

I could be mistaken, but I think the main one is found at .