Anyone know any weird openings they want to share?

Polish "Attack" 1.b4.... Originally called the "Orang-Utan" opening ...named by Tartakover. :]
I had a loss playing against this opening, that falls under my losses I will never forget. It occurred in 1996 at a chess club in Wichita Kansas. I took the opening lightly and had a miserable loss. :]
There is also an opening to play as black...called the "Elephant Gambit" 1.e4...e5 2.nf3...d5 I had a nice win against this opening. I elected to accept the gambit. :]

I like to play the andersson's opening as white. It is actually a pretty good opening since you are basically black with an extra a3 move. This can be helpful if you play the sicilian, which I don't. 1. a3

Wow! I wasn't expecting so much feedback! Thanks for the help, everyone.
As a way to say thank you, I will send any of my current weird opening studies to anyone who wants them. I know that I am by no means an expert, but they may give you some ideas to make your chess games unique.

@mate-a-poo The chess word for a "Weird opening" is called an "Irregular Opening" In the "MCO"...they are in the back of the book. Still smells the same. :]

You can check out the Orungutan opening.It is an opening for white and begins with 1.b4

@clousems The Colorado Gambit is probably one of those last surviving weird opening gambits that is just barely sound but not really.

1.e4 Nc6 2.Nf3 f5

It can be really wild and fun if white has (chances are) seen this for the first time, but if white knows the right recipe then it could turn dry quickly and black may lose. It's really fun once in a while but the main move has become 2...d6.