Anyone having the same error message : reonnexion en cours ?


Since 2/3 days I have a message in red at the bottom left page as soon as I connect : "Reconnection en cours" = "Reconnection in progress" in English

Sometimes I can't play anymore...!

All other things work

I have checked on the forum as it is said that the problem could come with websockets.
But my latest Chrome does support websockets !

I have checked with FireFox : same problem

Thank you for your help

I have the problem on my IPAD4 and on my Laptop (Firefox).

Annoying !

I guess that nobody will help us here, because there are simply to many things involved, which could cause the problem.

I have learnt to live with that problem, because I can use this site. I am only wondering why the connection gets lost sometimes.

But as long as I have access, all is fine.

I guess that it already has something to do with the amount of users which are using the site at the same time.

Maybe the LiChess Server is not fast enough or stuff like that.

Maybe Lichess should start some kind of fundraising to improve the hardware ?

I don't know.


I have found an e-mail address :

If you send them an e-mail too, we'll have a better chance to get an answer !

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