Anyone experiencing lag and/or disconnects?

Anyone experiencing lag and/or disconnects?

The increase to around 80,000 players and Thibault is trying to fix it. Yes.

what's my fault? put additional servers or write in capital letters: Go to another site.

You better go if you can't understand this site is totally free and Thibault are spending his own money to keep this site for us.

Please fix tournaments appear non complete in Android app. Thx

I love that so many players are here, but, man it sucks. They'll get it fixed, this is still the best site for playing chess.

Yeah, it's pretty bad. Thibault said he will start fixing it tho.

Yes, hope all will be great. Good reason to become Lichess Patron. EveryOne who don't like lags - support Lichess)

I was just wondering if the problem was with my 10 year old computer and modem.