Any tips/suggestions to improve?

Most guys I meet around my age (twenties) that start playing chess, and want to get good, tell me they want to get REALLY good, REALLY fast. They've been bitten by the chess bug. Maybe you have too. For those of whom this concerns, I stand by everything I said earlier, but of course, you have to play lots. Preferably OTB. When I started playing as a young adult, there was a mall by my house (since demolished) that had a games store with a chess meetup every Wednesday. I played there every week for hours against mostly old timers that ranged from 1000-1800 strength. I attribute my ascent from beginner, to A-player strength, to my games played with these guys over a three year period. My advice? Be personable. Be humble. Make chess friends (preferably stronger than you) off-line. Meet up with them and play lots of games. Be competitive. Try to win. Try to surpass friends you look up to. There's few feelings more rewarding than surpassing a player that gave you invaluable advice when starting out, that you are now able to help when they come to you with a question. Some people won't like you surpassing them. They were never your friend to begin with. ;)

So much (good) books/coaches/chess channels about improving...
Are some tips/suggestions realistic ?

Have fun training, playing, and solving. And don't get too mad at yourself. Irked, but not angry at yourself.

For what it’s worth you can see I was like 1600 not long ago here, now 2150 bullet, just solving puzzles at every opportunity from chess tactics pro app and CT ART, including doing old puzzles over and over until total instant recognition, and watching some YouTubes on openings in which I get my butt kicked. I also read a couple of books (Reassess your chess, my system and a couple more) and did Pandolfini endgame course book, forgot it all thou... I do puzzle rush every day as well, 32 was my best, I make sure to slowly go over the ones I missed and take a long hard look at them. For opening YouTubes I feel Ginger GM really “speaks” to me. I can feel 2200 is within reach, I feel my opponents are slow and bad at tactics, it’s just that I’m even slower and worse at tactics. So, study plan is simple, improve tactics further and gain deeper opening repertoire etc. Rinse and repeat.

"I feel my opponents are slow and bad at tactics, it’s just that I’m even slower and worse at tactics."

That's funny!