Any Petrov players decline taking on e5 when it's played against you?

I got wrecked 20x playing white against the Petrov early when I was learning so I made it a point to learn it well. I can't believe all the variations that can happen. I've got a nice opening rep as black with the Petrov now. Given that I don't mind, playing the Petrov as black, I'm trying to decide as white if I actually want to take the e5 pawn. Seems like you can just go with 3. d3 or just go into the 2 knights. Anyone here, that enjoys sometimes playing the Petrov as black actually decline taking on e5 when it's played against you? I just got hit with a weird variation taking on e5 and I'm almost thinking of just staying away from it all as white.

I did play the Petroff in maybe 6 serious games.

As white, I would disregard d3 as being too passive.

Both d4 and Bc4 are acceptable gambits in lieu of Nxe5. In serious games, I've never played these intending to transpose into the Urusov Gambit.

My real decision depends upon my mood. Normal would be heading for a queenless middlegame with 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. Nxe5 d6 4. Nc4 Nxe4 5. Qe2. On rare occasions I'd play Nc3 with the intention of Nxe5 or d4 dependent upon my opponent's move.

3 Nxe5 is most logical, but 3 d4 is certainly good. 3 d3 is passive, but leads to a reverse Philidor defense i.e. with an extra tempo. 3 Bc4 is interesting but unsound. 3 Nc3 is solid if you like the 4 Knights.

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