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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Any one from the Kalamazoo, MI area?

I'm maybe looking to play some face to face chess.

I'm thinking maybe a meeting at One Well for anyone who might be keen.

Are you SHITTING ME, I moved back to kzoo year and half ago.

I'm Ryan Kerr. You maybe know me?

Add me on fb.

I have a fb account but never use it.

Your name does not ring a bell, but my memory is not great with names. My name is Rich Luczak. My email is my name w/o the space at gmail if you ever wanna meet at One Well. I have kids so my schedule can be a little tight.

I'm from around Holland, MI and I know a lot of chess players from Kalamazoo. I would get in contact with Tim McGrew. He's a National Master who runs a chess club on Sunday afternoons at a Biggby's Coffee Shop. You can find more info here:

Cool, thanks for the tip. I know Tim because he used to run a club out of Barnes and Noble. He's also some kind of paper airplane guru.

I sent him an email. The only thing I did not like about the club he ran is that there are kids. Not really a bother, but I work with kids all day and have my own so I do like a break from kids, which is why I suggested a bar. It does happen to be that One Well is super kid-friendly. They literally have a kids area.

Edit to add: I emailed Tim at the address he has in the link. He promptly replied with this message "We're now meeting at the Biggby on S. Westnedge across from Target, just north of Romence Rd. The club meets every Sunday from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. Love to have you join us!"

I think I'll give it a try, but am still keen to play over a barley pop at One Well. For those not familiar with One Well; they are a brewpub with great beer, and a very nice atmosphere. Tabletop games (and pinball) is a "thing" there. There is always people playing games there.

Up in holland as well. If you're ever up this way, send me a note. I always like some in person games.

From Allegan area here. Definitely going to check out the club @ Bigby Coffee. Won't be able to make it this Sunday, be in Detroit watching the Lions beat down the Browns. Hopefully the following Sunday can see what's going on :) Thanks for letting us know about a local chess club! I've been wanting to start playing some more serious chess lately.

Go Lions!

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