Another REGIUM Issue Not Being Discussed

Do any of you find it suspicious how chesscom and chess24 promote regium for days, yet only 2 hours after lichess drops their bombshell regium article chesscom sends out a letter saying that they cannot validate regium's claims?

In the main forum post, comment #293 says

8 hours ago
Out of interest Chess24 took down a forum post I started either last week or the week before pointing towards the suspicions that other chess communities had. Clearly they weren’t up for a blitz of banter on this topic, so to speak."

Reading comments like this... it's hard to believe that chess24 and chesscom were not aware of these issues before lichess decided to publicly call Regium out....
Even if chesscom and chess24 didn't do this on purpose (which is probably the case), don't you think the fact that this was promoted by them, to their fanbase, without verifying Regium's claims is a scandal in itself?

EDIT: I would like to make clear that I am not accusing chesscom or chess24 of anything, I am just pointing out and highligting how promoting REGIUM (whose videos and staff members etc have been shown to be ((possibly)) edited) can make people suspicious of anyone with ties to REGIUM.

They work for money, they received money for advertising, and they did the advertising, simple as that.

Although before they added magnus picture on the advertising, they needed to dig a little bit deeper.

IMO, they are not guilty of being a co-conspirators, just guilty of not doing their due diligence.

They should take more care with the advertising that they accept.
Most of the youtube community learned this lesson in the last years, with a lot of youtubers being called out because they did advertising for a gambling scam company that target kids.
There was also a case with a suspicious company that works with mental health.

If a lot of young youtubers can learn to be more mature about advertising, and chess24 should do the same.

It is the internet, is full of scams.
All the people that run e-companies should be alert.
Ignorance is not an excuse.

They cashed the money and now they're saving face by echoing lichess's concerns. is after all a company that makes money by literally selling you things that you can get completely for free elsewhere (here). So their moral standing is and has been a joke for a long time. This is just another indication of how much they care about doing things right.

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