angry players

I have been called a c*nt for refusing a take-back in a rated game, it was clearly a blunder by my opponent and not a 'mouse slip' as they claimed,
They then requested a take-back on every move before they left the game without resigning, to which I claimed the victory :)
However, for every nasty opponent I have faced, I have faced at least 10 good and gracious opponents, you can of course disable chat in your settings should you wish to do so. (along with take-backs) and so on and also block or mute players so you never have to interact with them again.

Don't be put off by a minority or a single player, Lichess is excellent (the best FREE Chess site on the Internet, imho )and whilst I will never be a GM I really enjoy playing here and hope you do too @Faccintopa

...I'll fight you right now, you piece of shit! Will that make you feel better, thou perfectly acceptable absolute equal to all men, flawed & divine with sorrow & joy bound to stuggle & to reap rewards and who also walks with us together in the valley of the shadow of death from who's born no traveler returns - puzzles the will - makes us rather keep hold of those ills we bear here in this world rather than to run off to those we know not of. Therefore conscious makes cowards of us all....

....What's your decision? If you try to avoid me I'll catch you tomorrow and if you refuse to fight me I will enjoy violence all the more. So what do you say to that you piece of shit?! ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
[If you report me or this comment or I even think the police are involved you'll wish I had NEVER did what I'll do if you do! so don't!!
Think about it: If I knew for sure you would report me I would change my strategy to NOT posting IN WRITING publicly what could make me look like a troll instead of your only hope which is much closer to the truth! And I can't afford to get banned from Lichess. It's my favorite website...but...Your well being is also very important to me.

Is that clear, shittyshit? or What about Shitface? is that acceptable? I'm gonna give you the resources and tools you need for the rest of your life to never wince at another insult again....and so much more. If you believe me and come right with a price. Call me whatever you choose but if your offer insults my merchandise then that's the end. There is no negotiation. I make and offer you offer me a price. If I feel YOU value the price to proper measure then you win invaluable insight from here unto eternity. you can call me godproofwretch....or pieceofshit that doesn't bother me. Let me show you the way. But do think hard about a price first.
Disclaimer: Archaeon is not responsible for offences taken by readers who by their free choice expose themselves to adult literature which they are not psychologically prepared to handle. By reading this comment you electronically agree not to hold responsible for any bad experiences or troubled feelings associated with this literature. You agree not to report, contradict, undermine, delete, decry, defame, deny, reproduce for any reason, quote, copy, mass produce, slander, libel, insult, mitigate, obfuscate, retaliate, or harm or hold in contempt in any way Archaeon, Archaeon Literature or godproofwretch imminent at any time for any reason ever. You further agree to protect this literature from Government exposure. Now go get a sharp razor blade ready next summon Satan for a standard blood pact swearing rite of passage for a level 1 pre-born baby human of [how old you] so many years male. If you say all that specifically Satan will come and act as a notary to confirm for me you have complied. when Satan show's up cut your flesh open with the razor and take the blood and sign the hard copy of this document and shoot a video of all this but Satan will need to stand off to the side. DO NOT attempt to capture Satan of film!! if you like your camera and FACE the way it is. after that Satan leaves upload the video and post it here so I can verify you are serious. bring a money order for a thousand dollars and one for fifteen dollars both made out to godproofwretch. when all is complete message me and we'll play a game of chess and talk about your future. ok, buddy? you ok?

Anger is an energy. Think of fire... fire needs to be respected and understood as something that has both positive and negative qualities. With wisdom one can learn to manage fire and reap the benifits. Anger is like fire... it can be destructive in the hands of a foolish or stupid person... it can greatly benifit the wise person. ANGRY PLAYERS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. STUPID PLAYERS ARE THE PROBLEM. Get smart learn to manage your anger and have it serve you rather than you serving it. Just my take on the issue, take it for what it's worth.

The more you suffer
The more it shows you really care

Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I find it funny.... if I win a game (even if opponent blundered, I have takebacks turned off), then my opponent insults me, I take it as a sign that they are insulted by me: how dare I play better than them?! Even better is when they immediately ask for a rematch, and then, blinded by rage, they p;lay terribly. The kicker is, I play with Zen mode on so I don't see the insults until after the game.

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