angry players

One day I was playing someone who had played a trap and then asked for a 'takeback' pretending like they made a mistake, hoping that I would grab the "free" piece.

I was in a horrible mood and blasted my opponent for trying to distract me and for using the 'Takeback' function as a manipulation technique instead of for legitimate purposes.

A few minutes later was the one and only time that I was given a warning from the admins.

People who come here to regularly display terrible attitudes won't last long, but at the same time, you're allowed to have 1 bad day every few years without being banned.

Just report them and they'll be processed.

This site is extremely well administrated.

Welcome to Lichess, Faccintopa!

personally i hate the report button i think it is abusive as players can lose multiple times to you and then they can report you for using an engine even though you did not use one

I don't understand the point of using harsh words or getting frustrated in an online Chess game. Being a bit upset after losing an over-the-board tournament I can understand, but here is a place to learn and have fun (imo). Losing means I have more room to learn and that also makes the feeling of eventually beating that player that much better. Some are sore losers and can't take losses well, but from my experience the only messages I get are "good game" or someone telling me how I could have performed better. Really nice community here!

@shakki-mestari123 Yes it's normal to get frustrated or even angry especially if you've lost a game you should have won, but I've never seen nor heard of eg. such insults and disturbance in otb games as in online chess. Sometimes someone might eg. leave the game without of signing the transcription and shaking hands, or even mess pieces up, but imo that's very rare. Rather, you might have evil thoughts about your opponent during the game, but once the game is over you are good friends and analyze the game together in a good spirit.

Just like in Starcraft2 - if you make your opponent mad enough to rage, it's usually a testament to how badly you crushed him :D

to answer to your question: no, that's very rare and never happen when your opponent is hightly rated. the stronger a player is, the more respect there is toward the game and the opponent.
of course there is always exeptions, just look at nakamura;)

@hurryupdude #13 Yes, they can indeed. But when a moderator reviews the report, they will then evaluate it as an incorrect report and dismiss it. Reports themselves will never count against you in any way - they only will if a moderator evaluates them as valid.