angry players

Hi everybody i'm new to play chess with humans, i started just few days ago. Today, in my 5th game, my opponent, after losing a game when he was always in advantage and were just two minutes remained, send me messages like "piece of shit" and other sweetness like that. It's a normal behaviour in the world of chess, i have to expect this from now on?

Trolls are everywhere , regardless of what forum you are on . Earlier on i had a healthy discussion with an opponent who was losing....terribly , yet calling me stupid! Play on !

It's a minority. Use the Report button on their profile, report for "Insult" and the moderators will deal with it.

Report him (Click on his name to come to his profile, here you will find a danger-sign (exclamation mark in a triangle))
It is unavoidable, because of the high number of people coming together here, but, imo, our community should not accept this kind of behaviour as normal.

In the real life chess it's definitely not normal, more to do with the internet with no fear of real sanctions for bad behavior. If you want to avoid it completely, you can turn the chat off (unclick the chat-box).

Thank's all for your answers, i just blocked this guy but don't want to report him, he play thousand of games so let him play. I suppose he sent me those injurious messages because my time was almost over and he thought to distract me and winning by time ending

I personally prefer using Zen mode. It does not activate or show the chat until the end of the game. Once a result occurs, the chat opens up and I can say good game or answer anything they posted while I was in Zen.

From my personal experience, this is not something you encounter often even if you choose not to use zen mode. Most players that I have interacted with either say nothing at all during and after the game or speak very little. When they do speak its usually friendly and cordial.

Some of you guys are too soft. Quick to be offended. Man up.

@laatikko I think it's quite normal to get angry after you lose in chess. Of course it's easier to talk shit in internet than in real life. I have sometimes typed that kind of stuff after I have lost. Usually I don't really mean it.

I've been playing chess on this website for a long time, every day for over a year, and I've only encountered someone use harsh words like that once or twice, so it doesn't happen often. I find it funny more than insulting.