an ask about the points won

is there a rule that makes that each year that goes by ( or day, week, month ) since one logged on with it's nickname the points won in every game decreasing ?

see here:

"Fundamentally, Glicko ratings use 'confidence intervals' when calculating and representing your rating. When you first start using the site, your rating starts at 1500 ± 700. The 1500 represents your rating, and the 700 represents the confidence interval.

Basically, the system is 90% sure that your rating is somewhere between 800 and 2200. It is incredibly uncertain. Because of this, when a player is just starting out, their rating will change very dramatically, potentially several hundred points at a time. But after some games against established players the confidence interval will narrow, and the amount of points gained/lost after each game will decrease.

Another point to note is that, as time passes, the confidence interval will increase. This allows you to gain/lose points points more rapidly to match any changes in your skill level over that time."

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