Am i a good or a bad chess player ??????

I don't no not so good as a FM or a over 2000 but your'e not a Under 1500 Player (except Ultrabullet). Your are a very OK chess player.

Good and bad are relative,
like short and tall,
old and young

Objectively: we are all bad, because we all make mistakes. Some make less, but never none. An off-the-shelf engine on my smartphone will wipe the floor with even the world's elite.

Subjectively: who cares. We can still have a lot of fun by playing this wonderful game.

If you have to ask, then probably bad. I would argue everyone is bad at chess.

So Bobby Fischer is bad at chess? Magnus Carlsen is bad at chess? Andrew Tang is bad at chess? Sergei Zhigalko is bad at chess? Nihal Sarin is bad at chess?...I could go on forever, but I rest my case, not EVERYONE is bad at chess.


How will those guys do against some monster cruncher at 1-min? Yes, everybody is bad at chess. ;)

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