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  3. Allowing fried liver attack.

Due to the crappy videos Players might not actually know the FLA and so black could win. Agree?


@howchessYT #1
The Fried Liver attack seems very popular among amateurs.
I would say if GM Shirov can get away with playing it as white, it might not be that clearly good for black.

Historically the line was considered winning for white after both 6.Nxf7 and 6.d4 (which was considered the strongest). However, the last years, with the help of engines, it has been shown that it is not that easy. It seems that its objectively playable for both sides. But black is gonna have a hard time if he doesn't know his shit.

Well, probably the only game where Black didn't play 5...Na5.

I have mostly played Italian Game as White for the last year and have been on the White end of Fried Liver a lot. I also play Two Knights Defense as Black, and I play 5. ... Na5 rather than Nxd5, avoiding the Fried Liver.

From what I have seen at my level, the majority of Black players who play into Fried Liver are vastly unprepared for it. Why do I say that? Because anything other than 7. ... Ke6 is very bad for Black and in roughly half my Fried Liver games Black plays a different 7th move. In many of the games where Black DOES play 7. ... Ke6, Black seems to hesitate, as if they are reaching the conclusion right then and there that Ke6 needs to be played to avoid being mated or losing material. This is not a line for winging it and Black is probably psycologicaly unsettled, which doesn't help

If Black is going to enter the Fried Liver he needs to be exceptionally well prepared, he needs to know his shit as @lovlas put it. In this case, knowing your shit means memorizing a bunch of ridiculously complicated maneuvers to avoid threats White can make rather easily. And if you were willing to do all of that why would not you not just play 5. ... Na5, which results in much more comfortable positions for Black which are not nearly as difficult to prepare for?

"And if you were willing to do all of that why would not you not just play 5. ... Na5, which results in much more comfortable positions for Black which are not nearly as difficult to prepare for?"
With 5...Na5 white has an extra pawn and black attacks.
With 5...Nxd5 black has an extra piece and white attacks.
So against a strong defender and a poor attacker 5...Nxd5 makes some sense.
All the lines 5...Na5, 5...Nxd5, 5...Nd4, 5...b5 are very complicated and the slightest mistake leads to a loss, for black as well as for white.
That is the main reason why grandmasters now more often play the tame 4 d3 instead of 4 Ng5 or 4 d4.
Here is an example of black winning a fried liver attack by consolidating the extra piece.

@tpr 4. d3...I hate that line. It is soooooo boring. I am almost ready to start playing Sicilian rather than e5 because of how boring it is.

@achja Not sure why the black guy played 11...Kd6, Qh4 instead is considered to be pretty much winning. (and not sure why you play 5...Nxd5 if you're not really prepared)

Mr Mike Kummer who is my chess idol and also the 1998 Missouri scholastic state champion says you shouldn't even allow the 2 knights defense.

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