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So I'm a fairly decent chess player (I like to think) but I'm hopeless at crazyhouse.

Anyone have any tips on how to improve at crazyhouse? Any leading books out on the market? Videos? How did you get so strong at crazyhouse?

"I'm hopeless at crazyhouse"
"rating = 2002, rank = 387"
Am I the only one wishing I were hopeless?

@Blackalicious I find I learn a lot from:
1) Watching Jann Lee videos on youtube (search: 'Youtube Crazyhouse Jann Lee')
2) Playing against crazyhouse bots/SF (e.g. @BOT GodelEscherBot), especially with a focus on surviving the opening.
3) Watching high level games and trying to pick candidate moves.
4) Completing crazyhouse puzzles on:
Note: Those puzzles are often mate in "x" or less moves, so they accept multiple solutions, just not longer mates.

Hope that will be of some help.

5) croskys guide:
6) mastertans guide:
7) Bullet isn't the best time control to internalize new principles ;)

Have fun!

I struggle to switch mentally between chess and zh so tend to play a lot of one and then a lot of the other but not at the same time. The game is so different from opening to nonexistent end-game. I'd suggest playing a hundred or so slower zh games with special attention paid to how it's different from chess. Zh will hugely reward wildly aggressive play. Also as Swarm mentioned watch Jann Lee. He's one of the best in the world and gives very understandable commentary.

Terrific resources..exactly what crazyhouse players need!

Completely agree, it's a struggle switching to that crazyhouse mindset from regular chess. As long I survive the opening I'm usually happy.

@Mollus I think you'll be surprised at how effective a tool bullet can be to improving your chess. I definitely made huge strides playing strictly bullet in all variants but then again I haven't improved in ages ;-)

Join the house discord server
It's about chess and variants, but hosts the biggest crazyhouse discord community. We regularly do voice chat on the crazyhouse world championship matches for example.

Everyone can feel hopeless or great at any level.

I find myself fairly clueless despite being a 2200-ish player (recently hit 2400 mark).

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