...again - the closed thread !

I ask me why - it seems none know it or none want answer ?

Can anyone tell me what that means?

"the recipient" has closed this thread. "CREATE A NEW ONE"

How the recipient does it or what he has done ?

I often get this message when I send a message to someone the same moment I sent the message!

1. how can someone know that he is getting a message ?

2. how can someone close something that is not yet open ?
(how to close a thread that does not exist yet ? ...and I can't believe that he read so fast !)

3. could it be that these guys just don't want any messages ?

4. and if 3. applies: could it be written a bit more clearly? for example: "this player does not want messages" ?

thanks for an answer

comment for these 2 answers:

first: deleted - that fast? - no - I get the message "the recipient has closed this thread" in same moment I clicked "send"!

second: blocked - no - why? I dont knew him before, dont played him before, dont wrote him before? just played once

I tryed out with a friend:
if I send a message but the recipient wants no messages or only messages from friends,
then I get a clear text "...wants no messages" and my message will not leave my account

there must be another reason (a kind of "pre-adjusting" for messages?)

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