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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Advice for a Positional Player Who Despises Tactics?

I've been studying chess hard for the past year, and have generally come to the conclusion that I'm a positional player who loves closed games, knight maneuvers and putting my rooks on the opponent's 7th rank. I'm happy with my opening repertoire which can be found here: I also love tactics when I can find them, but most of the time I can't find them. I can spot simple knight forks and pins maybe 3 moves deep, but when I try to do some lichess tactical puzzles, I end up taring my hair out. I'm very far off from a tactical player, but does this necessarily mean I have a tactical weakness? How can I learn new elements of tracking down tactics and improving tactical vision?


Good positional play is based on tactical nuances. That‘s what Jussupow and Dvoretzky teach.

People who insist on a difference: are they unaware or do the deliberately deny this?

Btw, I like the book „Forcing Chess Moves“, this tome is very famous in the US. You should get it and work it through! It took me half a year, and I’ve read really a lot.

+1 for Forcing chess moves by Charles Hertan.

After learning the basics (or even before) I can recommend to sharpen your skills.

@FunnyAnimatorJimTV Yes, as #4 mentioned, try chesstempo.

Hey guy and girls, join my crazyhouse simul!

@CrouchingTiger Posting a link of a simul in a forum discussion isn't recommended.

Anyways, I believe chesstempo is a good website for tactics too. I registered there and I found it an excellent site. I also recommend it.

I've not heard of the book Forcing Chess Moves but I'll definitely look into getting that myself. I need to improve on tactics myself.

May sound crazy, but I've played a lot of crazyhouse, and over time I became better and better. Suddenly, I realized I was getting better tactically, considering you can place pieces where you desire, it's good for you to make your own "Tactics". So in the near future, it may not be as hard to find. Hope I helped! <3

I have found that getting better at tactics enhanced my understanding of positional play.
Stuff that were useful for me:
- "Tune Your Chess Tactics Antenna" by Emmanuel Neiman.
sample page :
- If you know Spanish, a series by Jesus de la Villa at chess24:
- CT-ART 6.0 software.