add the option to delete the game and ranking record and start as a new account without having to de

I give the idea I think it could help lichess not collapse so much I open the debate.

I mean that you can delete chess games since I already have more than a thousand games and thus be able to start over without having to create a new account, you delete everything and start as if the account were new.

Thats called smurfing, and that would be facilitating smurfs. There is no advantage to a normal player in doing that.

Can you explain what you think the benefit of this would be? If you really want to start over, can't you just delete your account and start a new one with the same username?

Don't know why you think Lichess is collapsing... the site has been around for over 10 years and is more popular than ever right now (granted, pandemic, but still).

Traditionally, smurfing is done because a game artificially caps some reward or ability. We don't have that issue with chess. So the only advantage of a good player smurfing chess would be what? easy wins? okay, they would get higher rated quickly, and lower players would learn a thing or two. I see the call for this coming up from people who played for lols and didn't care before, but now are taking chess seriously.

Personally, i wouldn't do it, but some people care about numbers

This is utterly unnecessary. If you just continue playing, your rating will converge towards your actual playing strength, and it does so rather quickly. So what would be the point?

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