Add "is typing..." to private chat!

Maybe this happened to all of us that we left the game page but our opponent wrote something and after while we saw that and vice versa.
Can Lichess solve this by adding "is typing..." to only private chat like Instagram and etc?
If this happen players can talk about their game more.

That game-chat " typing" happens on another chess site I visit,and it is an excellent idea.Works beautifully; you don't run the risk of leaving too soon and maybe seeming a bit rude.During a game it alerts you without distracting you,and you don't miss seeing any comments from your opponent.
Highly recommended.I'd suggest posting this in "Lichess Feedback"(both these posts)

on the event of typing send "li.system" message in chat then delete it after message comes or by timeout? ...

too many times I leave as my opponent says gg and i theres no way to go back and say gg back ;-;

This would be a nice feature, yes.
#3 Yes, sometimes they do.

Another thing I thought: When I chat with an opponent and we agree on a rematch, the chat is gone. Is it possible to keep the same chat window as long as the same players play in a sequence?
Probably not easy to implement ... so just saying.

But why is this under "General chess discussion"? This thread is what I would consider "Lichess feedback" ...

Great idea. It is not a major change but it definitely improves the game for the better.