accused of cheating in 960

i was just accused of cheating by a sore loser in 960.

i never cheat and never have. it's waste of time.

this player obviously plays classic mostly and memorizes moves, and when he comes to 960 it seems he doesn't know what to do or he's not used to it.

this has happened to me before, usually by classic players that aren't used to the "chaos" of 960.

has anyone experience this?

If you're asking if I've ever been accused of cheating when I wasn't, of course. Practically everyone who's played chess online for any length of time has. (If you're asking if I've even been accused of cheating while playing Chess960: No, I don't play that variant.)

One of the most important rules of being a good sport on here is never, never accuse your opponent of cheating. Never ever. Making an open accusation of cheating is a hallmark of a trash-talking poor sport. If you're convinced your opponent cheated, hold your tongue, do some research, and if the data support your suspicion, file a report.

You may already know this, but accusing your opponent of cheating is, in itself, a reportable offense.

thanks for the feedback. i don't care about being accused of cheating really because i know i don't do it ever. but being accused of cheating in 960 by people who don't play it seems to be because they're not used to improvising in the game (besides being sore losers). and they can't fathom the fact that they get beat easily by lower ranked players when they do so well in classic chess.

@galaxie-500 What you say makes sense. I can't really comment, though, since I don't have experience with 960.

I was accused of cheating because my clock was going up... during increment endgame. And I couldn't answer because I was immediately blocked.

#2 is right that it eventually happens. Some people in longer games will ask if you are checking an engine when you're thinking longer for a move.

There's much else to worry about, don't let those accusations upset you. But in any case you can report, especially if there's offense.

#5 I'm glad to hear cheat paranoia is dealt with :)

Me alivia saber que es un problema común. Me acusaron de engañar de manera grosera y pasé días sintiéndome mal. No es justo que personas intenten difamarte con afirmaciones tan vulgares en un juego que uno espera encontrarse con personas decentes y educadas.

What kind of idiot accuses anyone of cheating while it fails to deliver a clear smothered mate at move20 .Onely a blind beginner can be playing. hense illegal assistence is for performance enhancement.