There is a ton of topics about everything, and i can spend two lifetimes reading all of them. So in 2 words or more is it possible to reset all my stats, and if yes, how can i do this?
I don't want to make a new account but i'm a perfectionist and therefore i want "1500?" and 0 games to everything except blitz.

What does that have to do with being a perfectionist?

Also, no.

That is not being a perfectionist. If you were a perfectionist you would focus on the quality of your game. And potentially having all of the ratings match. Not zeroing out items so they match. You're more than likely just showing complex disorders. Like "Inferiority" based on not liking your ratings. What I would do is just focus on the classical and try to learn chess to perfect one at a time. And you will find they go up with each other.

No, you are wrong. I do not show complex disorders, i like blank stats. I am a perfectionist, sort of. I can't beat Magnus Carlsen now and there will not be any chances to do so in the future. I have absolute no chances to be the first so why should I try to best myself, i play for fun and i want to play blitz games. Classic games i can play against level 4 Computer. Oh and i didn't ask your opinion about reasons, I've just explained my motivation. The question is can i reset my stats without making a new account? If you don't have the answer do not respond. And thank you for paying attention.

Can I re-set my stats to an across-the-board (bad pun??) 3200 ?

:) :) :)

Yeah if I played like you I would want to reset my stats too, lol!!!

@rmilin can say the same about you. Not very nice.

Contact support is your best option i suppose

Also, i don't know you as a person, but sounds more like some form of OCD, but i'm not an psychiatrist, so how would i know ;)