About losing games on purpose.

Why do some players look to lose many games in a row on purpose? Why would they want to lower their elo?

There is this guy who is rated around 600 in Blitz but in reality he is like 1700-1800+. He loves to crush his opponents like nothing but then resigns instead of check mating you. If you look at his stats it shows that he was rated 1700 like 2 years ago. Then he started to lose all games on purpose. Who knows how high he would be rated if he played to win

Weird behavior; I can only guess. Perhaps they want to lower their rating below some threshold for a tournament they want to enter, where they can then have a big advantage and possibly win a virtual trophy.

Some people REALLY want to play in U1500 or U1700 tournaments.

You can report people for sandbagging like this. They do eventually get banned if it looks egregious enough.

Thank you all for responding.

Can maybe they win money in some of those tournaments they hope to enter with that artificially underrated elo?

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