Abandoning games

I know this is a common complaint, but isn't there some way to stop people from abandoning games. One thing that could be done is requiring a person to confirm that they are there if they do not make a move after 90 seconds or 2 minutes in a 10 minute game. If they don't respond, then you can give the opponent a chance go claim victory.

The problem is that I've most certainly spent 2 minutes thinking about one move in a 10 minute game... if it's the critical point, it's not a horrible time investment. It's hard to find a good fix that's fair. If they've *left* the game for a period of time, that's another matter...

a penalty in the form of ELO point loss could be considered when the player loses by time after he is no longer present in the game for a while ? 

I think the reason why the player doesn't make the move for so long should be considered.

If the position was evaluated, that might help. Someone in a clearly lost position in the endgame should get less leeway than someone taking longer to think in an even middle game.

@ #3 Michel_Lopez wouldn't that devalue the ELO points system. it would become a less accurate judge of a players' strength if what you are suggesting takes place.

Real consequences might help instead of a 10 minute ban. I'm constantly left waiting by people with 60% game completion. The current system isn't working.

What I hate are those player who go offline in a bad position then 1 min for time they return. While I was waiting for them to loose. Because if you claim a victory you always less ELO gain. It isn't worth it, but now you have to sneaky players who wait a couple of minutes until the other is occupied with something else on the internet either the snatch win because you didn't pay attention or when you get back in the game you are out flow. And still end up loosing. I hope they will only allow players with a good connection. Those bad connection may play against computers. For them it is equally bad if you keep on losing because your internet connection sucks.

What should be remembered is sometimes people abandon games not because they are losing but because something more important is happening in their lives. For example I have been playing a game when I receive a knock at the door or a visitor or a phone call I must take, all of which takes longer than I thought. When I then get back to the chess I have been timed out with a warning etc. I would never do this deliberately and have always resigned when I know I have lost. It can be infuriating as very often I had a certain win in the aforementioned games.