A tournament with 1 d4 e5

Hello lichess!
I would like to set up a thematic tournament with the moves 1 d4 e5 (Englund's Gambit)
But it seems that this opening is not there in the list of the possibilities for create a tournament.
So I have tought that it could be possible to spread the voice here and then to create the tournament.

The tournament will be set up as Queen's Pawn Game and it will start in a hour (just let someone to read this post) and I hope that all of you would like to join

It has got a password in order to be sure that who joins have read this post



10 minutes without increment
120 minutes long
No Berserk allowed
No limits of rating

The only thing is TO PLAY ALWAYS 1 ... e5

It is for practice of all who would like to practice this Gambit like me.


well the result has not been good :/ bye ty

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