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  3. A decimal clock

I think it's time that chess players start using decimal clocks.

Instead of time being measured in a gradient of 60 parts , the chess clock should have intervals of 1second. 10second and 100 second intervals etc.,

A thousand seconds would equal one chess hour (C'hour).

This would make it easier to monitor time during chess tournaments.


Does anybody want to comment on this idea.

Minutes and seconds are good. Thank you.

I am ok with hours minutes seconds and traditional digital clocks.

Implementing a new time system, completely different from the normal time system, would take a lot of time (no pun intended) and money. The current one is good enough, I don't see why it needs to be changed.

Because the US is leading with its metric and decimal avant-garde systems. Oh, wait...

What about degrees, minutes and seconds? A full circle has 100 degrees, 400 degrees or 1000 degrees. And how many minutes and seconds a degree?

This sounds like something from the French Revolution. They also had circles with 400 decimal degrees. From that still stams our definition of the meter: earth circumference was 40.000 km.

I think the system right now is good enough.

I'm actually ok with he current system.

How about changing the algebraic notation to coordinates such that c4 becomes (3,4)?
Or even better, lets Gödelencode the coordinates using primes such that c4 = 5^4 = 625 (3rd prime to the 4th power). In this manner, an entire game could be encoded as a single number, which would replace FEN and PGN.

The changes would make no sense to an outsider... or to anyone for that matter... so let's go!

In pgn files the time is already in seconds, but saying 5400 seconds to play the game does not have the same effect as saying you have 1hour and 30 minutes to play you game. Even saying you have 90 minutes, sounds shorter than 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Are you saying to change the time stamp of a tournament game? With a 90 minute game, you would like to see it written in digits format to say the same thing? A 90 minute games in digit format is 1.5 hours or 5400 second game.

The time stamp gives a perception of the length of the game.
If you want to make it sound rapid, you say it in seconds, semi rapid is said in minutes, and a long game is said in hours or days.

If you want to see digits change your preferences.

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