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  3. a book to teach chess to children

Please can anyone recommend a good book to use to teach my 6 year old how to play chess

"How to beat your dad at chess" by Chandler is pretty fun.

+1 for "How to Beat your Dad at Chess", I have that book and I believe I have learned a lot from it, it is similar to the problems in the "practice" section in purpose and content.
However, different people have different definitions of "beginner"; for some it means "someone who still needs effort to remember how the pieces move", while for others anyone below FIDE 1500 is a "beginner".
Someone who just learned how to play chess would likely not be able to solve the vast majority of the problems, but would still learn much from what they can see, in particular, some chapters like "The Queen and Bishop Mate" and "Back-Rank Mates" are both simple to understand and extremely common in games.
It will continue to be useful recourse for years to come.

I have read that book multiple times, and every time I take away something. GM Chandler should write more books!

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