500-600 points increase in lichess blitz rating over one year!

@EnergizeMrSulu says the noob who has 1800 blitz and probably hasn't played OTB at all. 1800 blitz are normally 1500 FIDE. That makes me cringe and laugh at the same time. Shut the fuck up and focus on your chess instead of insulting others. And congratulations to OP, keep going, we might see you at 2000+ next year!

no...u sattofakap monkey 4 brainz i beet u with 1.a3 any day ez, patzerr

smh these 1800s who trash talk 1600s and then come the 2200s FIDE to blast them. *Cue the GMs to start attacking us*

Its nice to see higher rated players being supportive. Its because they have a true love for the game...not playing mostly for ego and to brag.

Nice improvements Magic, hard work give you an edge because most players dont put in the work to improve, congratz see you in the 2000 + club soon :) / Richard

A little over a year ago I was 1100 bullet, now almost 2100.

Anyone can do it with time and practice.

Congrats to OP.