4 new piece styles!!

WOAH 4 new piece styles were just added! Thank you lichess!

Time to try them all :D

Wait, what!? Whoa....

Cool beans!
Thanks Lichess!


I totally forgot about the 'Piece Set' menu under my name at the top right.

So many to choose from!

The 3D sets look amazing. Wow!

I think the one with the red and blue accents looks best.

But then again, the aqua green sets look pretty wild too...

Four of the Stauntons look outstanding.

On the other hand, I recognize the #5 2D style from the Apple 2/C days in the 80s.
The nostalgia is real!


Right now, I use the 2D #2 set.

I'm curious what sets other people use?

Also, does anyone else have trouble adjusting for a few weeks after changing sets?

Some of those 3D sets look so bonkers that I might have to make the sacrifice...

Yeah, these are really nice! Thanks lichess!

(we had a discussion on styles in game ahrfJ3lu)

My favorite and main is 2D 2nd Column 5th Row. It was added a few weeks ago. I like those pieces because they have the thickest outline, and they're easily recognizable. I also play with the first two sets and some others.

Of the 4 new ones they all have their ups and downs, so I'm not sure which one's my favorite, although I like the 3rd column 6th row with the blue tablecloth board. The white outline on the black pieces looks weird, though.


(Row, Column)

(1, 3) - Neat pieces, easy to see, standard.
(1, 1) - The standard set, for lichess. Really fun.
(5, 2) - Bluish tint, but shading, outlines, and figures are awesome.
(7, 2) - Clean shapes, not too hard to remember, helps with practice.

(4, 2) - Amazing pieces, the best 3D set.

(7, 1) - Pieces are kinda squashed.
3D sets other than (4, 2) - The shapes of the pieces are a little weird.
(2, 1) - Pieces are a strangely tall, but it's okay.
(4, 1) - Black pieces look a little off.
(6, x) - Where x can be any number from 1 to 3. In other words, the 6th row. Knights are a little awkward looking, with weird faces. But it's somewhat cool.

I like the 4th one down on the left. Feels real polished and the black knights look pretty slick

I tried the 3D set and I took down a win with the red/blue 3D pieces.
So many of those 3D sets look so nice!

If I can play with those pieces with the same effect as the 2D...then that would be perfect.
I think I'll try those aqua-greens next.

Thanks for the reminder, Jim.

Fact: Chessplayers get into ruts. We do the same thing the same way forever.

Fact: This is not conducive with growth.

Fact: However symbolic, changing up chess sets exercises the part of the brain that can apply dynamic thinking and produce growth and improvement.

I really liked the piece style in the 2nd column 5th row, but the knight faces were pretty disturbing. Thankfully lichess has changed them! They look much better now and I will use this piece set more! :)

wait until you see the backgrounds on mobile

This is so unfair, for me who play only blindfold it makes no difference.

Which are the new pieces styles by the way?