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  3. 30 sec games

i know for a fact, that cheating in bullets 30 sec are much harder than other variations. Would u say, that 30 sec is one of the best chess, when we are talking of noncheating?

OTB is even better

30 sec is no chess, let alone best chess.
Over the board is only guaranteed cheatfree if players are strip searched and can visit the restroom only under supervision of an arbiter.

@tpr it is chess. How its not chess?

30 seconds for a whole game...
The aim of chess is to mate the opposing King.
The aim of 30 seconds is to make the opponent lose on time.
That is not the same game.

Agree with #5

30 sec is enough time to mate opponent .....sometimes it only takes a few secs....

@anorimos you are right.thanks

for example