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Happy New Year!

The 2nd Lichess Bots Championship is starting soon. Week 1 will be 16-22 January UTC (six months after the 1st Lichess Bots Championship). Please take a look at and come see some of the best chess bots and some fun lesser strong bots compete for the title. All kinds of bots are welcome. It is nice to see different playing styles and not only the winners gain fans by participating.

I will join!

That's great! Thank you very much!


Regarding the rules ...

2. The Classical rating of the lichess bots.
3. The average of the Classical rating and the Correspondence rating of the lichess bots.
4. The Correspondence rating of the lichess bots.

3. is not required as far as I can see.
If the classical ratings are different they are used for ordering by (2).
If they are the same, then the order of the averages is the order of the Correspondence ratings.
and that is (4).

Have I misunderstood?


Thank you for the feedback. I've changed "average" into "highest" to improve the rules.

I'll give an example (if @Stockfish___9, @fringecases, @GarboBot, and @Goldfish-Engine participate):

1-4. GarboBot is the only one with a classical rating and none of them have a correspondence rating, so there's nothing to put in order there.
5. GarboBot has 2078, fringecases has 2049, Goldfish-Engine has 1911.
7. Stockfish___9 has 2620, GarboBot has 2203, fringecases has 2049, Goldfish-Engine has 1911.

#1 Stockfish___9
#2 GarboBot
#3 fringecases
#4 Goldfish-Engine

The seeding would be the same if the classical and rapid rating of GarboBot were reversed (even though it would then have a lower rapid rating than fringecases, it has a higher rating in long time controls) and it would also still be the same if Goldfish-Engine had 2100 blitz rating (the rapid rating is more important).

Starting next wednesday games of the 2nd Lichess Bots Championship will start. Please take a look at the games, encourage the participants and let your bot join the tournament if you haven't already. At team forum you can already see how the 1st Lichess Bots Championship went. The winner of that tournament is participating again, but so are other strong bots (including @LeelaChess) and bots created from scratch (like @RobbAi_3J).