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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. 2nd Crazyhouse Chess Variant Computer Championships 2017

Will be running this tour starting tomorrow.

2017-12-28: Candidates tour
Winner will challenge last year's champion Fishnet Stockfish zh.
12 engines, 7-round swiss, best of 12 games per pairing at TC 15m + 5s inc/move

2017-12-29: Championship match
Fishnet Stockfish zh vs winner of candidates
Best of 24 games at TC 1hr + 30s inc/move


Live games will be broadcasted here in Lichess. Links will be provided later.

Start time:
Candidates: 2017-12-28, 8:00 am GMT+8
Championships: 2017-12-29, 8:00 am GMT+8

Candidates tour just started at:

Candidates result table:

Candidates tour is not yet finished, so championship match is rescheduled to start possibly today 2017-12-29 at 3:00 pm GMT+8 or after the candidates is finished.

Current finished candidates games by round and match pairing can be downloaded at:

This is great. Thanks for the update. I can't find the stockfish's matches.
Is it still to come?

The championships is not yet started. Will start today at 3:00 pm GMT+8.

I am testing the live broadcasting for the champs.

Here is a sample/experimental live broadcast, all 3 games are live.

Championship match, round 1 started.

Multi-Variant Stockfish 07Oct2017 vs Imortal v4.0
TC 1hr + 30s, best of 24 games

Good luck to both participants! It's late/early but I'll return to offer some commentary in ~4h.

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