2k+ Club :)

um... ok buddy?
I don't see how
We will be hosting our first likely bullet tournament soon

If anyone wants to join - Likely Bullet tourney soon
Otherwise just apply for the team :)

First off, hess?
Secondly, I am willing to play you any day of the week.
Third, I am trying to create a place for people to play against eachother whatever variant it's in.
Whether it's bullet or blitz
RK or Chess960

I'm not trying to - Simply trying to help people find a platform to play others - I'm sorry if you don't like it

OP is like 1200 but 2000 in racing king. It means he gets serious tips and tricks in that variant. 2k in regular chess doesn't guarantee to be 2k in variants.

I see - drmrboss what you said makes sense
QEDemonstrandum ik that was not a very good game by either of us
But he said to challenge him
Racing Kings is very different from regular chess and I do have a few tricks in that variant

Indeed it is, that is why so many people are making fun of your '2k club' (it is still the internet). There is no reason why 2k players in classic would play regularly against 2k players in racing kings. If you want to play other high ranked players in racing kings, go make a racing king club (dunno if there is one), and no one will care, except racing king players.

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