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  3. 20+ moves with 7 seconds remaining ... Possible or Not

No, you're missing the point from post #5 that his "20 plus moves" was actually 8 moves of moving his king back and forth as fast as possible.

You say you moved as quickly as possible - but not a single one of your moves took less than one second. Many people are just capable of making moves a lot faster than you.

Again, if your opponent inputs his next move before you react to his last move, it'll be executed instantly after your move without taking any time off his clock. If he doesn't need to see your move in order to know what to do next (as was the case in your game), one second per move is ample time to do this.

I played a 15-sec game against someone on here (anon, so I don't have a link) the other day and they checkmated me with more than 14 seconds remaining on their clock. Makes you feel a bit daft :)

LOL ... "daft" ...

It's impossible to make 20+ moves with 7 seconds remaining and you still have 7 seconds remaining after the 20 moves ...

I never said it took him 7 seconds ... His clock NEVER went down!
The jerkoff has hacked the system ... I watch Drunkenstein and the clock ... He couldn't do this ... i.e. 20 moves using 0 seconds

If you have a fast enough server connection, it's at least within the realm of possibility. It's not a system hack. But, it is a problem with LiChess (that time is not deducted from the clock using pre-moves). LiChess calls it a "feature." And, so, disagreements, or claims of it being a "hack" are pointless and irrelevant. (Rage all you like; I don't like it either, because it makes no sense, what-so-ever, but it is the way it is.)

@Valkyrie60 That's the difference between Lichess and other servers: even if your connection is not perfect, here you can do any number of moves in 0 seconds if your opponent is too slow and predictable so that you manage to do a legal pre-move all the time. Here is a funny game where I flagged my opponent in a drawn position (where he could have forced an immediate draw and I couldn't) having 3 seconds against 39. You can look at the time graph and see premoves. On this would not be possible, as there is a penalty of 0.1 seconds for any move, regardless of how fast you really made it.

Thanks for explaining pre-moves and zero feature here. I knew about and play there too.

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