1st Lichess Armageddon tournament.

Is anyone interested. At present I don't think lichess interface support armageddon time control so we have to work manually. Here are my rules for the tournament:

1) It will 5 minutes (black) vs 7 minute (white) casual games.

2) Black would be considered as a winner if it manages to draw the game. Also (debatable) I am thinking of awarding stalemate to the side inducing it to level the playing field.

3) The number of proper black wins (by resign or checkmate) will be used as a primary tie-breaker. The next level of tie breaker will be the number of proper whit wins (excluding wins by stalemate).

4) Each player will play each other twice with opposite colours.

5) I am thinking of conducting it in a league fashion (like EPL) with multiple tier which would include promotion and relegation and the season would be 1-week long

Opinions are welcomed. I have created a team for all those who are interested in this

How will you manually work the clock difference?

@rooooks clock does not start until you make your first move, that's why I asked.

Should you wait 2 min as black after the first move?
Those 2 min have to be exact to the second?
Will there be penalties if not?

I'm just curious about the format @oxygen_di_oxide I love Armaggedon OTB but never had a chance to play it online.

@pepellou @rooooks I guess the game would start with each player having 5 minutes. As soon as the game starts, black will gift white +15 sec increments 8 times (the plus sign above your opponent's name) whenever he is not moving within the 1 minute of play.

Also, what do you all think of stalemate rule, should it favour white to balance the game.

P.S. Berserking can be thought of as partial armageddon.


Nice solution adding the time to the clocks, that should work fine.

I'm not a fan of the stalemate rule, I would leave Armageddon as it is, and the way to balance the game is if we play the same number of games with each color in the tournament.


What kind of help do you need for this? Maybe I can help.

@pepellou I was hoping for long time solution like automatically awarding the win to black in case of a draw instead of manually keeping track of it in a spreadsheet. Since lovlas is developer (and if we likes the idea), I thought he might come up with the necessary changes.

@oxygen_di_oxide I'm also a developer :-)

As long as we have a working manual format, we can try it to see the acceptance.

I would help you with the hard manual work in the first season (spreadsheet, pairings, communicating players, etc) and I could help to automate if there are more seasons.


The people behind lichess4545 or the crazyhouse teams league have already developed good software for leagues (website, pairing system with alternates, bot for slack to automate pairings and calendar, etc). If you prefer to start your idea with something already automated, I would suggest you contact them (not 100% sure, but I think the main developer is colwem).