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  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. 1.h4 strategy

1.h4 has been thrown-away by people who claim it is passive. Here people can help with a strategy for 1.h4

h4 h5 sac sac mate. That's how Fischer played that opening.

I have to face Kadas opening once in a blue moon. You should look at his games in the database (like CB).

My last encounter on Tuesday:

I can't add something here, but I want to follow the topic because now I'm wondering the point of playing h4 instead of controling the center, maybe someone may know a good plan unknown to me

As far as I can remember „inventor“ Kadas plays it in an Italian style with Bc4 and uses h4 as a lever resp. as an anchor for Ng5.

The main point of 1 h4 is to take black out of his comfort zone and force him to find his own moves.
It somehow prevents the fianchetto ...g6 and ...Bg7.
Sometimes the rook can develop Rh1-h3-x3, a stratagem also dear to Tal.

1.h4 any other ideas this was very helpful
(lichess members are much nicer than ones at

I have also seen some games by Vaganian, where he played d4, h4, Nh3 and Nf4. The knight is then protected from ...e5 and ...g5 by the pawns on d4 and h4.

cool I should try these openings

Your post reminded me of my first attempts to play chess...Only knowing how the pieces moved...I played h-4 followed by r-h3. I then played a-4 followed by r-a3. I was trying to bring my rooks together. I think it did show an attempt for combination play. :]

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