1.e4 or 1.d4?

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I honestly dislike when opponent plays 1.d4 when I’m black because I do not know any good openings to counter 1.d4 (if you have any good openings against 1.d4 from Black then please mention them!)

The Dutch Defense, it can be poisonous as it is very attacking, and will catch beginners off guard if you have a strong hold in the opening. Do you play the French against 1. e4 as black? you can play 1. d4 e6 and then play 2... f5 which transposes into the Dutch too.

against d4, go for slav, semi-slav or if you like it KID.

I believe e4 is better, but it requires to learn many openings.

I always play d4 in my life. from my experience you can do anything from slow positional QGR or more open QGA, slav or semi-slav. If you are agressive you have KID, you have the strong ninzo, and if you are a bit crazy and good player you have the benoni and the benko gambit, you have the grunfeld... d4 is so rich and interesting, allowing black to choose the game type that will happen. Like with e4 you can play a closed french or a open scandinavian or a crazy scilian, d4 is more or less the same. If we were talking b4 or g4, it would be different, but d4 and e4 give so many options and variants that must suit all tastes.

E4 is best by test and is highly entertaining action from second move
While d4 is boring no action for atleast 10 moves
C4 is interesting which can be transposed in either two