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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. 1600---2000?

Hi guys,
I have playing recently an OTB tournament,which shows me that i am at least 1600 maybe even 1700-but now i am not sure hot to improve?
what makes a 2000 different from a 1600?

The more chunks, the better. So expose yourself to serious chess (training) and gather them.

GM have up to 100.000 chunks. If you don’t like the term say „experience“. ;)

what di ou mean by serious chess training?

Nothing superficial like bullet for example.

i jsut play sometimes-but i am studying quite seriuiously ia nalyze my games-but ive the feeling no mrpovement:-(

It‘ll take you some years or decades. A brain is no bucket, the chess procedures and techniques have to be developped.

It depends on various things. And because were are not equal we have different talents and we are gifted differently.

Success is often overlooked because it wears blue-collar. For example I worked very hard, I was older than you now when I had started to play chess.

Forget about making rating comparisons and start enjoying the game for what it is. A rating takes care of itself. Ask yourself, why are you playing?

If you want it, you can achieve it. Study the game. Study tactics. Study positional concepts. Study old masters. Study current masters. Most importantly, I think, play a lot of chess and study your own games.

I've only been playing seriously for about 2 years and I have gone from 1500 to where I am now but I put a whole lot of work into it because I wanted it very badly. And now I am working even harder than I had before because I want improvement more now than ever.

Like everything in life, you will get back what you put into it. I think you will do very well, because you have the taste for it. Good luck and have fun :)

Well i mean how am i supposed to know if i imrpoved without looking at my rating?

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