Winning with just two knights ?

Stockfish gives my 46.Nxf5 two question marks and claims that black is winning but gives no checkmate nearby.
What do you think ? Is it possible or not ?

@achja you can simply check the tablebase to see that after Kxf5 it is draw, though c4 is the only move to hold the draw.
EDIT: Well, and c3 as well as d5 seem to hold but only because of the 50 moves rule.

@MoistvonLipwig #2
Yes, thank you.
After the capture of the knight on f5 the 8 pieces become 7 pieces, just enough for asking Lichess tablebases.
I guess I got confused by Stockfish stubbornly claiming a win for black, and the beautiful Carlsen zugzwang endgames I saw recently. But indeed it looks like the white pawns can be obstacles in some variations making a black win possible nevertheless.

48...Nd5+ would have won.
50...Ke6 was needed to win.

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