Win! You are allowed to use your pet engine, feel free! :D

Probably one of those exercises where the computers are the clowns! :D

Even if it turned out to be a draw, the correct way to phrase your title should have been "White to play and win"

Interesting puzzle. I believe black's chance is to get 2 knights vs queen and try 50 move rule. But i could be wrong of course.

If white were allowed to play 3 moves, then 1 Kxc4 or Nxc4 2 Kd5 or Ne5 3 Nxh4 would draw. Alas 1 Kxc4, 1 Nxc4 and 1 Nxh4 all seem to lose.

Incredible! 1 Kc6 g1Q 2 Nxh4 c3 3 dxc3 1/2

I believe this is the best study i have ever seen and that probably i will see in all my life.